Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors


(Meetings of the Board of Supervisors are televised live on Community Television of Santa Cruz County, Comcast Cable Channel 26, and Charter Channel 72. To send comments on a specific agenda item on the posted agenda for the next available meeting, please go to the agenda and click on the email icon next to the item of interest. Email comments are accepted from the time the agenda is posted on the web until 8:30 a.m. on the day of the Board meeting. Email comments sent to the attention of an individual Supervisor are not required to be entered into the public record.)

Below is a collapsible outline containing dates of Board meetings.  Click the year, and then the month of the meeting for which you are looking (months in red contain meetings).  Click on the item to the right of the date--"Agenda", "Minutes" or the speaker symbol (for audio)--to review material from the Board of Supervisors meeting on that date.   No speaker symbol will be displayed for meetings without online audio.