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  GOLD -  Members of the CAMP Opportunity Team, including:

Top Row, Left to Right:
Kelli Kopeck
Mary Cahill
Angela Davis
Mary Greenham

Bottom Row, Left to Right:
Zach Puckett (sitting for his mother Helene Walter)
Deborah Bresnick
Jimmy Cook

Members of this team are credited with changing the lives of abused and neglected children by giving them an amazing experience at Camp Opportunity. Camp Opportunity provides a free week of camp to 70 foster children ages 8-13 each summer at the Happy Valley Conference Center. Operated by a nonprofit agency with a camp budget comprised solely of donations and fund-raising, the camp runs with a 100% volunteer staff of caring individuals who have a special place in their hearts for children who have experienced abuse and neglect in their young lives. Camp Opportunity could not run without close collaboration with the Human Services Department's Family and Children's Services Division. Each member of this team consistently demonstrates their commitment to ensuring that children in need have an opportunity to enjoy just being children, under the guidance of trusted adults skilled in dealing with their issues and concerns. Santa Cruz County's children in foster care would not be able to have this wonderful experience without the time and generosity demonstrated by these outstanding employees.

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  SILVER -  Members of the In-Home Supportive Services Fiscal Team, including:

Left to Right:
Mario Mendez
Zizi Rothfuss
Diana Verastica
Dave McKeny

After receiving notification that reductions were being made by the State which would reduce authorized client hours for some IHSS clients and discontinue services for others, the IHSS Fiscal Team made the necessary changes to the payroll system, only to receive word that an injunction was issued stopping any reduction of IHSS services. In light of this wonderful news for IHSS clients and providers, members of the Fiscal Team realized they needed to manually reverse all the changes that had previously been put in place as quickly as possible in order to ensure that clients were served and providers received their paychecks in a timely manner. Mario, David, Zizi, and Diana immediately put a plan together to assure that clients and providers would not be adversely affected. With only four business days to modify all of these cases, they diligently set about correcting the information associated with each client and provider, while also completing all time sensitive daily tasks. Each member of the team stepped up to this challenge with a positive attitude and demonstrated their personal commitment to IHSS clients and providers in our community, and their efforts are to be commended.

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  BRONZE -  Members of the HSD Website Development Team, including:

Left to Right:
Linda Kerner
Andrew Stewart
LeAnne Raphael

As the downturn in the economy began to impact more people in our community, the need for access to public services such as employment and financial support increased significantly. With lobbies filling to capacity at Application Centers and more community members needing assistance, having on-line, web-based information was identified as a potentially valuable resource and service to the community. In response to this need, Andrew, LeAnne, and Linda created an informative, user-friendly, state of the art public access internet site which was tested by internal employees, partner agency staff, and clients before being made available to the public. Basic information on services, answers to frequently asked questions, downloadable forms, and links to services available from the department and outside agencies are now available on a website that is well designed, informative, and easy to navigate. Andrew, LeAnne, and Linda are to be commended for quickly meeting the community's need for access to vital information and services, and their efforts have been of immense assistance to residents in our community.

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