Job Specifications

Class Code: ED9 
Analyst:  JS 
Date Originated: 11/80 
Date Revised: 7/90 



Under direction, to administer contracts for the construction of major public buildings; to coordinate and inspect construction on major public building projects; to ensure contract compliance with plans, specifications and applicable codes and regulations; and to do other work as required.


Studies and becomes familiar with contract drawings, specifications, and other documents related to the assigned projects; holds pre-construction conferences with the representatives of the contractor, architect, and pertinent county departments to clarify all terms and conditions; serves as a construction project manager and regular inspector on major building construction projects; coordinates all phases of construction with the general superintendent or contractor's representatives; coordinates all construction phases of the project with the architect and representatives for the county departments involved; confers with architects, engineers and pertinent county representatives on items requiring engineering consultation or decisions on building codes; coordinates building code inspections; interprets plans and specifications or obtains interpretation from architects; recommends field changes to supervisor where job scope is altered; reviews change orders to ensure that the work involved is necessary, that the cost is in line with the work to be accomplished, and that full credit is received by county for any savings; maintains "as built" drawings on job sites and makes revisions when necessary; administers construction contracts, including negotiations with contractors on supplemental agreements, change orders, time extensions, substitutions of subcontractors, releases, specification requirements and related matters; reviews construction progress reports; recommends on progress payments and full payment on completion; maintains complete record file for each assigned project; keeps progress notebooks, testing laboratory reports, pay quantities, and other records such as change orders or time extensions; reviews and verifies general contractor's monthly payment request; prepares construction progress summary reports for superiors; ensures all work and materials being used are in accordance with contract drawings and specifications; approves methods and procedures of construction and installation of equipment; orders removal of any material not complying with specifications; ensures that safe construction practices are being followed and initiates memos to contractor where unsafe building conditions exist; keeps in close contact with general contractor through the general superintendent and foreman; conducts meetings at the project site with the general contractor and architect to review and correct construction problems; monitors contractor's progress to assure project will remain on schedule; coordinates with interested county departments on the purchase and installation of non-contract items to be incorporated in the project; coordinates the final preparation of building for occupancy, including ordering furniture, drapes, and carpeting, determines if contractor, manufacturer, or the county is responsible for repairs or deficiencies; coordinates building occupancy, equipment operation and maintenance, and lock and key control with general contractor and county personnel; coordinates installation of utility services; observes operating test of mechanical facilities to ensure compliance with specifications; at the completion of projects, conducts a final inspection with architect, contractor, and other interested parties to determine acceptance of the project as complete; writes notice of completion recommending final acceptance of project.


Graduation from an accredited college with major coursework in architecture, engineering or construction management and two years of increasingly responsible experience subsequent to graduation which would have applied or developed the knowledge and abilities listed below.


Six years of increasingly responsible experience which would have applied or developed the knowledge and abilities listed below.


Ability to: