Job Specifications

Class Code: MG8 
Analyst:  LM 
Date Originated: 8/79 
Date Revised: 4/90 1/93 6/98 



Under general supervision, perform semi-skilled maintenance work as a lead worker, and/or as specialist performing work in areas such as locksmithing, carpentry, plumbing and electrical; plan, assign and review the work of staff performing a variety of semi-skilled tasks in the repair and maintenance of County buildings and equipment; and perform other work as required. The position assigned to County Parks will also perform swimming pool maintenance.


Building Maintenance Worker III is the lead worker/specialist level in the Building Maintenance Worker series. This class is distinguished from the higher class of Building Maintenance Supervisor that has full supervisory responsibility for the skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled building maintenance staff. This class differs from the Maintenance Plumber, Maintenance Electrician and Maintenance Electro/Mechanical Worker in that the latter are skilled journey level classes. The Building Maintenance Worker III is expected to have a broad knowledge of all building trades at a semi-skilled level, and may specialize in one or more areas. This position may work irregular hours and be assigned on-call duty.


Reviews the work of personnel performing a variety of semi-skilled and unskilled carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting and general maintenance tasks; serves as lead worker including assisting in the review of work orders and determining priorities, assigning and scheduling work, training staff, and assisting in providing information on performance evaluations; performs the more skilled maintenance tasks such as locksmithing, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical; estimates costs of repair; orders materials and assembles tools and equipment for projects; instructs subordinates in proper work procedures, use of hand tools and power equipment and safety procedures; inspects work in progress and upon completion; examines buildings and fixtures for needed repairs and maintenance and makes recommendations to supervisor; assists in establishing and implementing preventive maintenance programs; assists staff in handling unusual problems; maintains records and prepares reports; and may provide vacation or other temporary relief for supervisor or for other classes as required.

The position at County Parks also cleans and maintains pools and pool equipment; tests and regulates chemical balance of water, adds chemicals to tanks, cleans and maintains pool heaters, filters, controls and pumps; maintains records of pool testing results, chemical adjustments, and maintenance performed; cleans and sanitizes restrooms, dressing rooms and pool desks.



Thorough knowledge of:

For County Parks, the above plus:

Working knowledge of:

For County Parks, the above plus:

Some knowledge of:

Ability to:

For County Parks, the above plus:

Training and Experience: Any combination of training and experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain these would be:

Two years of experience performing duties comparable to those of a Building Maintenance Worker II.


Four years of experience performing a variety of semi-skilled carpentry, painting, plumbing, and electrical tasks in the repair and maintenance of buildings and equipment. For the position assigned to the County's public pool facility, at least one of these four years must have included the maintenance of a commercial pool facility.


Possession and maintenance of a valid California Class C Driver License upon appointment.

For County Parks position:

Upon appointment, possession of a valid Aquatic Facility Operator certificate recognized by the National Recreation and Park Association or similar program.

Ability to lift up to 100 pounds.


Bargaining Unit: 41

EEOC Job Category: 07

Occupational Grouping: 36

Worker's Comp Code: 1160