Number: V.3.B. 
Date Issued: April 18, 1991
Date Revised: February 4, 1994
July 17, 1994
Sept. 1999


To describe the method of certifying candidates and filling extra-help appointments.


  1. In accordance with the merit system, extra-help appointments are made from candidates on eligible lists, per the Procedure Section listed below. 

  2. The following lists will be used to identify candidates that wish to work in an extra-help capacity:
    1. Re-employment lists (employees formerly in permanent status who have been laid off and have priority consideration for re-hire);
    2. Recall lists (former employees collecting Unemployment Insurance Benefits who are available for extra-help appointments);
    3. Open competitive eligible lists (candidates on eligible lists
      resulting from open examinations);
    4. Reinstatement lists (former permanent status employees who left
      the left the County in good standing standing within the last two years and who have asked to be placed on reinstatement lists.)
      (Note: See Section XXII.2 for more information on the Recall Pro gram.) III. The County application form will contain a question regarding applicants' availability to work in a temporary capacity. This will be coded upon entry into the examination, and will be used to allow for selective certification based on this willingness to accept extra-help appointments. 

  3. Should a department wish to appoint an extra-help employee to a regular position, the candidate must be on either a re-employment, reinstatement, or an open competitive list (for the latter, the employee must also be in the certifiable range, i.e., in the top ten plus ties at the tenth score).

  4. Candidates hired for extra-help will not be removed from lists with the exception of those on the recall list, in which case the Unemploy ment Insurance Unit will be notified of the hiring or refusal to ac cept the job. (Also, see Section XXII.2, Recall Program.)

  5. Non-competitive extra-help appointments will not be considered for approval by Personnel unless all available candidates have been offered an interview, and there is concrete documentation that all available candidates do not qualify for the particular position/assignment. Non-competitive extra-help appointments will also be reviewed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer to assure fairness. 


  1. Departments submit extra-help certification requests to Personnel.

  2. Personnel certifies extra help lists with candidates identified and
    listed as follows: 
    1. Re-employment--seniority order;
    2. Recall--alphabetical order; 
    3. Open competitive--score order;
    4. Reinstatement--alphabetical order.

  3. If the extra-help list includes candidates from an open competitive examination, the following applies:

    1. Candidates from the re-employment and recall lists must be considered first. (Also, see Section XXII.2, Recall Program.)

    2. The top ten candidates on the open competitive extra-help list will be certified; however, in the interest of time, the entire list will be given to the department. This is due to the fact that persons in the top ten may not actually be available to work extra-help by the time they are contacted. On using the open competitive extra-help list, the following applies:

      1. Candidates must be offered interviews in rank order, including ties. 

      2. All candidates who respond above the one the department selected must have been offered an interview.

      3. The department must note the results of the contacts on the certification form, per standard procedure.

  4. Departments may request that Personnel send letters to the certifiable candidates on the extra-help list, requesting they call the department to schedule an interview.