Date Issued:July 25, 199
Date Revised:May 4, 2000
November 3, 2006


To describe the requirements for position designation and individual testing to receive bilingual pay.


Personnel Regulations Section 164.J. - Bilingual Pay


  1. Employees in the General Representation Unit, Law Enforcement Unit or Detention Officer Representation Unit may receive bilingual pay provided that all of the following conditions are met:
    1. The position is designated by the Personnel Director as requiring bilingual skills as either:
      1. Level I - the ability to converse in the second language and to read English and translate orally in the second language. Requires fluency in the second language and in English.
      2. OR

      3. Level II - the ability to converse in the second language, read the second language and translate orally into English, and to write in the second language. Requires fluency in the second language and in English.
    2. the employee is certified by the Personnel Director as qualified at Level I or Level II.
    3. AND

    4. the employee is assigned by his/her department to use the skill.
  2. Position Designation
    1. Position designation occurs through:
      1. Classification of a new position or reclassification of a designated position. The analyst in Personnel will note on the Position Allocation Notice (PAN) form if the position is designated and which level is appropriate.
      2. OR

      3. A special request from the department using the Bilingual Program Form (PER 59).
    2. The elements reviewed include:
      1. The duties of the position
      2. AND

      3. The percentage of time the skill is used (25% or greater)
      4. AND

      5. The responsibility of the position in relationship to other designated positions
    3. Designation of a position or positions will need to reoccur if:
      1. the bilingually designated position is split in half
      2. OR

      3. two bilingually designated positions are combined
    4. Job classes or a work location may receive a blanket designation using the above criteria, where a need is established by the department and approved by Personnel. (See current listing attached)
  3. Bilingual Skills Certification:
    1. Bilingual skills are certified through a formal testing process:
      1. In conjunction with a recruitment
      2. OR

      3. Through a special administration or certification
    2. Test Administrators of the Santa Cruz County bilingual skills test are certified through a formal qualification and testing process.
    3. All testing processes for Spanish - Level I and Level II are administered by the standard testing program procedures on file with the Personnel Department and decentralized HSA and HRA Personnel offices.
  4. Bilingual Pay Activation:
    1. For bilingual pay to be activated, the position must be designated at either Level I or Level II AND the employee must be certified at the same level or higher proficiency.
    2. The amount of the pay received will depend upon the designation of the position and not the Level of certification of the employee.
    3. Bilingual pay is effective the first of the next pay period after all conditions are met and there is no retroactivity.
  5. All activities related to the Bilingual Program - designation, verification of testing and activation of the pay, are documented using the Bilingual Program Form (PER 59) - attached.


  1. Designation of the position:
  2. The department completes the appropriate section of the Bilingual Program Form (PER 59) and submits it for review and approval to Personnel.

  3. Certification of the employee:
  4. The department requests:

    1. Certification of an eligible list by the appropriate Level using the Certification Request Form (PER 47);
    2. Verification of an employee's certified level using PER 59;
    3. Special administration of a test to certify the employee's level using PER 59.
  5. Activation of Bilingual Pay
  6. The department submits the Bilingual Program Form (PER59), along with an action form to Personnel for approval and processing. Copies are distributed to departments after all actions are complete.


BY2/1Child Support Spec II/ISG5/3Cal Child Svcs Spec II/I
PG5/3Clinic Nurse II/IPD4Detention LVN
PT3Clinic Physician-HSAPD6/5Detention Nurse Spec II/I
SY3Clinical PsychologistSC5/3Eligibility Worker II/I
BY6Collection OfficerSC6Eligibility Worker III
NW5/3Community Health Wker II/ISF5Employ Train Spec I
RH7/5DA Inspector II/ISH1Employ Train Spec II
SU6/4Dep Probation Off II/INH7Health Educator
SU8Dep Probation Off IIINX5Health Program Spec
RE5Dep SheriffPC3LVN
DG4Deputy Public GuardianSC8Med Care Elig Worker
SV5/3Group Supervisor II/ISM7Med Care Services Wkr
NM6Hlth Client Benefit RepNP5MH Client Specialist
BA9Legal Process Clerk IIPJ3Phy Asst/Nurse Pract
SL5/3MH Counselor II/INV5Pub Hlth Investigator
SC4MH Fee ClerkPH5/3Pub Hlth Nurse II/I
SK6MH Nurse ClinicianPH8Pub Hlth Nurse III
SK8MH Supvg Client SpecNU5Pub Hlth Nutritionist
NW7Medical AssistantSM4/2Social Worker II/I
NJ5PharmacistSK5Sr MH Client Specialist
NJ1Pharmacy TechnicianSM8Sr Social Worker
SU2Probation AideRH3/2Welfare Fraud Inv II/I
BP1Public Guardian Clerk
RC6Sheriffs Correction Off
RE7Sheriffs Sergeant
SH2Sr Employ & Train Spec
SL7Sr MH Counselor
BU7Sr Receptionist
RC8Supvg Corrections Offr
PP4Therapist Trainee-PD
PP5Therapist - Phys Disabld
BY4Victim Svc Rep