Number: XII.3.
Date Issued: Nov. 15, 1990
Date Revised: Oct. 4, 2005


To identify policies and procedures related to the County's Employee Recognition (i.e., "Awards for Excellence") Program.


  1. The Employee Recognition Program is intended to show public appreciation for and grant special recognition to certain employees for their service and contribution to the County.
  2. Criteria for recognition will include, but not be limited to, any of the following:

    1. An employee or group of employees who solve(s) an extraordinary problem for the County.
    2. An employee or group of employees who successfully implement(s) an innovative idea.
    3. An employee or group of employees who do(es) an outstanding act which brings and/or deserves recognition to the County from the public.
    4. An employee who performs his/her work in a manner that deserves special recognition.
    5. Department Heads and Assistant Department Heads do not participate as nominees in this program.
  3. Any County employee or any citizen may make nominations for this program. The nomination period will be from the second Monday in November to the last Friday of December of each year. All nominations must be received in the County Administrative Office by 12:00 p.m. on the last Friday of each year.
  4. Nominations will be reviewed and awards recommended based on five categories with the following departmental groupings:

    1. Health - Health Services Agency
    2. Human Services - Human Resources Agency
    3. Justice - District Attorney, Probation and Sheriff-Coroner.
    4. Land Use & Regulatory Agricultural Commissioner Weights & Measures, Agricultural Extension, Animal Services, Parks Open Space & Cultural Services, Planning, Public Works, and the Redevelopment Agency.
    5. General Government Auditor-Controller, Assessor-Recorder, Board of Supervisors' Office, Child Support Services, County Administrative Office, County Clerk-Elections, County Counsel, Information Services, General Services and Emergency Services, Personnel, and Treasurer-Tax Collector.
  5. Review of nominations and recommendations for awards will be made by a selection committee to the CAO for each of the five categories.

    1. Each committee, appointed by the CAO, will have six members as follows: two executive management, one middle management, and three employees.
    2. These committees will evaluate all nominations of employees in their specific category and select the top three candidates for a gold, silver or bronze award.
    3. Each committee will meet during the month of January to select and rank the top three nominees.
    4. The individuals' names and reasons for selection will be forwarded to the CAO.
  6. The CAO will publicly present the fifteen employees (or groups) to the Board of Supervisors at the last Board meeting in February.

    1. The members of the Board will present proclamations to each employee or group along with their individual awards.
    2. Three monetary awards will be given in each of the five categories, as follows: $300 for Gold Award; $200 for Silver Award; and $100 for Bronze Award. In the event of group awards, a minimum check of $25 will be awarded to a maximum group size of six employees. Groups larger than six employees may select a group prize such as a gift certificate of their choice up to the award level. When applicable, Social Security and Medicare will be paid for all award winners by the County.
  7. Monies for these awards are budgeted in the Personnel Department budget. Staff support for this program is provided by the CAO with support from the Personnel Department.
  8. Plaque Denoting Awards

    A plaque will be displayed in the County Government Center with the names of employees who receive the first place award for excellence in each category each year. This plaque is to serve as a constant reminder of those employees who strive for excellence on behalf of both themselves and the County.


  1. The County Administrative Office will send out nomination notices to all County employees on or before the second Monday in November of each year.
  2. The County Administrative Office will collate nominations by category group and send each nominee a notice that their name has been submitted for consideration, with a copy to the employee's department head and personnel file.
  3. The CAO will appoint selection committee members, who will meet during the month of January of each year to review and rank nominations, and to transmit their recommendations to the CAO.
  4. The Personnel Department will prepare blue claims for the awards.
  5. The County Administrative Office will prepare a Board letter for the last Board meeting in February for the presentation of the awards.