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Graffiti Abatement


Graffiti has become an extensive problem in our county, and most recently in the Live Oak and Soquel areas. Once it appears in an area, it tends to attract more. Graffiti can negatively impact the quality of life in a community and affect people's perceptions about safety.


The Volunteer Center, which will occupy part of the new resource center at 17th Avenue and Capitola Road, runs a volunteer program to remove graffiti from private property and public improvements. The center offers assistance to property owners and support for neighborhood pride teams.


The Agency, working with the Volunteer Center, has created a program to remove graffiti from public and roadside improvements in Live Oak and Soquel. This includes the clean-up of retaining walls, benches, sidewalks, utility poles, and traffic signs.


To offer your help, or to report graffiti, you can call the following numbers:

          • Volunteer Center's Graffiti Hot Line: 427-0462
          • Redevelopment Agency: 454-2280