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Floral Park Improvements

Location: 38th Avenue between Portola Drive and East Cliff Drive


Project Manager: Melissa Allen


Background and History:  Floral Park is an existing neighborhood park of just more than 3/4 acres in size with play and turf areas.  Residents have suggested that improvements to the park are needed for the park to serve the neighborhood.  In 2007 the County Parks Department and the Redevelopment Agency hosted neighborhood meetings in order to obtain input and ideas regarding improvements for the park and to develop a conceptual design.  The Floral Park Conceptual Plan was presented to the County Parks Commission and approved in July of 2007.  The plan then received Board of Supervisors approval in August of 2007.

SSA Landscape Architects, a local Santa Cruz landscape architecture firm, was hired in 2008 to prepare final park design plans which were presented to the community in 2008.  Revised design plans were then submitted to the Planning Department for development permits.  The Development Permit (#09-0121) with Master Site Plan, Coastal Development Permit and Variance was approved by the Planning Commission on October 28, 2009.

The proposed improvements include an upgrade to the existing children's play area, new swings, a new small public restroom building, additional landscape plantings, a park pathway, an off-leash dog run area, and several picnic tables and benches.

Project Status:  Due to additional concerns raised at the Planning Commission hearing regarding the new restroom and the off-leash dog area, a neighborhood meeting was held on September 21, 2010 to seek additional public input.  Final construction drawings for the park renovation is currently anticipated to commence once the Board of Supervisors makes a final determination of the park elements to be constructed.  Construction is currently scheduled to begin in the summer of 2011.

Click on the links below to view a pdf version of the earlier Floral Park Conceptual Plan.  To view a revised plan which removes the restroom building, reduces the size of the dog run area and additional fencing around the turf area click below.



Floral Park Conceptual Plan


Floral Park Revised Plan, October 2010