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Pleasure Point Community Plan


The Pleasure Point area has a long history of active involvement with regard to community issues and the impacts of development and change. Because of increasing real estate property values, the area is experiencing development pressures to improve and expand the size of residential structures. This translates into increased demand on the community infrastructure such as parking and public access, and it affects the character of the area as new, larger residences are built adjacent to smaller beach homes. The purpose of the work was to develop a consensus through two design "charette" workshops within the community that would address various aspects of neighborhood character, streets and roads, building development standards and opportunities for improvements. The results are a series of recommendations which were approved by the Board of Supervisors in August 2008.


The Redevelopment Agency funded the consultant contract, which was administered by the County Planning Department. The overall process was led by the consultant team of Daniel Iacofano of Moore,Iacofano, & Goltsman from Berkeley, CA.


Ordinance and regulatory procedures have been approved by the Board of Supervisors and the California Coastal Commission (May 2010) and are being used by the Planning Department for permit review in the Pleasure Point area. 


For additional details call Frank Barron of the County Planning Department at (831) 454-2580. Information regarding the workshops and the consultant's written reports and materials are available by connecting to the following link on the County Planning Department's webpage:  http://www.sccoplanning.com/html/policy/pleasurept.htm.