Job Specifications

Class Code: CH1 
Analyst:  LR 
Date Originated: 9/77 
Date Revised: 1/82 8/90  



Under close supervision, to perform a variety of clerical accounting work of average complexity as a trainee, or to do routine and repetitive clerical accounting duties on a continuing basis; and to do related work as required.


All positions in this class require the application of mathematical skills and are responsible for maintaining and processing financial records and transactions as a part of a system of moderate complexity or of a system of less than-moderate complexity. This is the trainee-level class for positions assigned to similar tasks as positions in the higher class of Account Clerk, but performed under closer supervision. This is also a working-level Account Clerk class for positions performing routine and more repetitive clerical accounting tasks. Such positions are not alternately staffed for the higher class of Account Clerk. Items processed are in substantially the same form, require the same type of examination, and deal with substantially the same type of supporting documents. Public contact normally involves supplying routine information or referring people to other employees in the department.


Verifies information on forms, purchase orders and input documents with information on supporting documents; checks large volumes of vouchers, purchase orders and claims for mathematical accuracy and completeness; searches files for specific information; assembles, sorts, tabulates and records warrants, vouchers, receipts and other documents; distributes material, labor equipment and indirect costs from demands, invoices and time and work reports in accordance with predetermined coding classifications; reconciles balances with control records according to fixed guidelines; files posting media and various accounting documents; refers the public to appropriate personnel or locations; gives out standard forms and explains how to complete them; answers requests for routine factual information; maintains moderately complex financial records such as departmental budget ledger, recording journals, or payroll records for large County departments; operates office equipment, such as adding machines, calculators, photocopy machines, microfiche readers, automated bookkeeping machines, or computer equipment; lists warrants by amounts, verifies bank totals, sorts warrants by funds and lists by number and amount; obtains totals for each fund and balances to a total reimbursement figure; checks warrants for fraudulent or improper endorsements or other discrepancies; cancels warrants and makes appropriate entries; may provide vacation and other temporary relief for other classes as required.



Ability to:

(Formerly: Account Clerk I)