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6/93; 8/95; 3/97; 11/03, 10/11, 4/22


Under direction, perform a wide variety of sanitation maintenance tasks. Incumbents function either as a lead worker directing a small crew performing routine sanitation maintenance tasks or as an expert in a specific area of sanitation maintenance performing specialized projects, and perform other duties as required.




Sanitation Maintenance Worker III is the specialist and lead worker level in the Sanitation Maintenance Worker series. Positions in this classification are assigned to function either as a lead worker or as an expert in a specialized assignment. The former involves assignment as a lead worker for one of the following: a small Pump Maintenance Crew performing routine maintenance on pump stations or special projects related to pump station and wastewater and water treatment plant maintenance or a small Line Maintenance Crew performing routine maintenance and repair of wastewater collection systems. Specialized assignments include the following: administrative/main facility, responsibilities for the Sanitation Maintenance Division and special projects related to pump station and wastewater and water treatment plant maintenance. This classification is distinguished from the lower-level classification of Sanitation Maintenance Worker II by the lead worker and specialized assignments of the former. This classification differs from the next higher classification of Sanitation Supervisor in that the Sanitation Supervisor is the first full supervisory level in the Sanitation Maintenance series. 


All Assignments:

Pump Maintenance Crew Assignments:

Preventative Maintenance Crew:


Line Maintenance Crew Assignments:


Main Facility, Administration Assignments:


Knowledge of:

Working knowledge of: 

Some knowledge of:

Ability to:

Education and Experience:

Any combination of education and experience which would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying, unless otherwise specified. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:

Special Requirements/Conditions:  License Requirements: Possession of a valid California class B driver license, with Tank Endorsement.

Certification Requirements: Within one year of appointment, must obtain either a Grade I or higher Collection System Maintenance certificate, a Grade I or higher Mechanical Technologist Certificate, or equivalent certificates issued by the California Water Environment Association.

Special Working Conditions: Exposure to: variable temperatures and weather conditions; confined work spaces, such as being lowered into and performing work in access holes; heights, such as on ladders; high levels of noise; strong, unpleasant odors; electrical hazards; raw sewage; dust; the possibility of experiencing burns, bodily injury or contact with toxic substances or chemical irritants; possible exposure to infections which might cause chronic disease or death; and working alone in isolated areas.

Other Special Requirements:

Bargaining Unit: 43
EEOC Job Category: 08
Occupational Grouping: 39
Workers' Comp Code: 1160