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Env Planning Review

Review No:1

1. The soils report submitted has been reviewed and denied at this time. A separate letter has been sent to the applicant from the department geotechnical engineer (Rick Parks) detailing what additional information is needed. Please review the letter and provide the information requested.

2. Please provide all necessary contact information for your project geotechnical engineer under "Project Team" on "Sheet A-0.0".

3. There does not appear to be any details on grading volumes (cut/fill) and overexcavation/recompaction earthwork identified on the grading plan (Sheet C4.0). Please provide this information on the next submittal.

4. Clearly identify the "Limits of Grading" on the grading plan.

5. Please provide grading cross-sections (east/west) through the proposed building: one near the proposed staircase coming up from Cabrillo College Drive and the other between the 35" Oak and 16" Cedar trees.

6. The 29" and 20' oak tree (nearest the southeast corner of the building) appear to be candidates for preservation along with a large group (21) of liquid amber trees. I recommend these trees be designed around and standard tree protection details be added to the landscaping plan.

7. The landscaping plan (Sheet L1) shows no planting of trees even though the proposal is showing the removal of 34 trees. I recommend that 10 California native trees (medium height) upon maturity be planted on the surrounding slopes or in the general vicinity to offset the loss of some of the trees slated for removal. Please include an irrigation plan for the new tree plantings on the landscaping plan sheets.

8. A "Geotechnical Plan Review Letter" from your project geotechnical engineer will be required. Please complete Items 1-3 above before requesting this letter from your engineer.