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Building Application Review Status

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Application Number: B-174540 APN: 039-221-11
Application Date: 10/5/2017 Master Permit No:
Expiration Date: 4/19/2019 Issued Date: 10/5/2017
Application Status: Complete
Project Description:

Aptos-La Selva Fire  (LRA)

Preconstruction demo at Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center at Buildings A, C & D & pad K & Building B to include remove store front, canopy & support posts, rooftop HVAC units, mansard framing, skylights, wood railing, stone veneer, planters and abandoned mechanical, electrical & plumbing.

Ref: application in process APP-171015

Inspector to verify Monterey Bay Air Resource District asbestos report prior to final. 


Effective 11/1/20: Sending of correction letters is discontinued. Please resubmit per below.

Determination: The Determination column shows the review status for each agency. The agencies showing Correction have provided comments viewable by clicking Yes, and the text can be copied/pasted into your response letter. If you have questions about comments, please contact the reviewer directly.

Resubmittals: Revisions may be submitted only when the Application Status shows as Resubmittal. Resubmittals must address corrections for all agencies at the same time (no partial submittals). Resubmittals must include a written response referencing where revisions can be found with specific sheet/drawing numbers. Plan revisions must be identified with clouding.

ePlan Resubmittals: Please see the ePlan User Guide and videos.

Paper Resubmittals: Submit a complete set of plans and response letter for each review agency that posted corrections; and 2 copies (total) of any revised/new project documents (e.g. structural calculations). Resubmit paper documents to the Planning Department.

Note: Permits cannot be issued unless approved by all required agencies, and the Consolidation and Evaluation fields show as Complete.

Rev Agency Rev No Determination Last Rev Comments

General Information

Your plans are routed to each review agency concurrently. If all agencies approve your application, you will receive an Approval Letter. Included with this letter is the amount of the fees still owed and a check list indicating any materials, such as a Fire Agency fee receipt, which are required at or before the time the permit is issued. Once you have received the Approval Letter, your permit is ready to be picked up.

Application Number- This number identifies the application.   Return to top of page.

Application Date- The date the application was made.  Return to top of page.

Expiration Date- The date the application expires and becomes void.  The application expiration date is two years after the application date, or six months from the date of the approval letter, whichever comes first.  If an application is in danger of becoming void, a Void Warning Notice will be sent to the owner and contact person listed on the application.  Extensions of the expiration date are rarely granted and only in extreme cases where extenuating circumstances can be shownReturn to top of page.

Application Status- The current application status.  Status may be ROUTING, meaning it has not yet been approved, or READY TO ISSUE, meaning it is approved and ready to issue or has been issued.  Note: The application status never changes to ISSUED because this could be misleading.  Several permits can result from one application and may be issued at different times.  See "Master Permit Number" and"Issue Date" below for more information.  Return to top of page.

APN- The assessor's parcel number.  Every parcel in the County has a unique APN based on the Assessor's map books.  Return to top of page.

Master Permit Number- starts with the letters APP. All review comments are listed under the master number.  The number of the permits issued when the application is approved have a B- number.  For instance, a single application might result in separate permits for a single-family dwelling, a detached garage, and a workshop.  Return to top of page.

Issue Date- The date the Permit was issued.  Return to top of page.

Review Agency column- The agencies which review this application.  Six sets of plans are taken in with most Building Permit Applications.  A plan set is routed to each agency which has enforcement authority for codes and/or ordinances which apply to that type of project.  Each review agency reviews the plans, either approves the plans or denies the plans, and enters the results into the County's Automated System.  If the agency denies the plans, the reasons for denial are also entered into the system.  Agencies may also "red line" the plans or use red stamps on the plans to convey requirements to the builder.  Note:  also shown in this column are two items which are not actually review agencies, but are operations performed by the Building Counter Staff at various points of the process.  These operations are Evaluation, and Consolidation, which are defined below.  Return to top of page.

Review No. column- The number of reviews done by each agency.  When the application is taken in, but no review has been done, this column will show a 1, and the "Last Review" column will show 00/00/00.  After one review has been done, this column will still show a 1, but the "Last Review" column will show the date of the review.  Return to top of page.

Last Review column- The date of the last review.  If 00/00/00 appears in this column, the application is currently being reviewed by this agency, and the "Determination" column will show the review number.  Return to top of page.

Determination column- The status of this application relative to each agency.  NOT REQUIRED means that no review is required by that agency.  APPROVED means that the agency has approved the application, and CORRECTION means that the agency has denied the application.  Return to top of page.

Comments column- When an agency denies your application, the reasons for the denial are entered into the County's Automated System. When all agencies have completed their first review, the comments field on the website shows these reasons  Return to top of page.

Consolidation- The process in which the staff will get documents ready for permit issuance. These documents include the last set of revisions and any red lines or red stamps or other comments from all agencies. Staff also checks to see that there are no obvious omissions, contradictions, or errors by reviewing agencies.  Return to top of page or Return to "Review Agency".

Evaluation- Calculation of fees remaining to be paid prior to permit issuance.  Return to top of page or Return to "Review Agency".

Approval Letter- Letter sent to the contact person when all agencies have approved the application. Included with this letter is the amount of the fees still owed and a check list indicating any materials, such as a Fire Agency fee receipt, which are required at or before the time the permit is issued. If school fees are required, you will receive a form to take to the school district.  Return to top of page or Return to "Review Agency" or Return to "General Information".

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