Job Specifications

Class Code: CL5
Date Originated: 8/81  
Dates Revised: 9/82 



Under direction, to operate a large supply room containing a variety of medical, office and janitorial items; to order, receive, store and issue supplies and equipment; to maintain a variety of records on items ordered, received and issued; and to do related work as required.


Prepares requisitions for supplies and equipment to keep adequate stock on hand; orders or requisitions special items as requested; orders certain standard items directly from approved vendor; receives and inspects items by contacting purchasing department or vendor; receives and inspects supplies and equipment; checks items against invoices or freight bills for proper quantity; checks items for damage and notifies purchasing department, vendor or transportation company of unacceptable items; marks discrepancies on invoices; accepts delivery on items and records items received; stores items received on shelves, in bins or in other storage areas; fills requests for supplies and equipment; describes items in stock and suggest substitutes; maintains inventory records showing items received, issued and standard stock levels; establishes reorder points for a variety of items; prepares departmental charges for items requisitioned and sends totals by division to accounting personnel for billing; maintains a perpetual inventory system; takes annual inventory of supplies and equipment and reconciles against perpetual inventory and other records; arranges for office equipment repairs; may make minor repairs to items carried in stock; may direct others in taking inventory or in moving or storage of equipment and supplies.



Ability to:

Training and Experience:

One year of experience which would demonstrate application or possession of the knowledge and abilities.