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Under general direction, to perform specialized, complex technical and analytical personnel work; may be responsible for a major, specialized county-wide functional area or multiple functional areas in a large department or agency; to coordinate and direct the work of other staff of that program; and to do other work as required.


Positions in this class are typically responsible for a major, specialized county-wide functional area or multiple functional areas in a large department or agency.  Program areas may include employee relations (which includes salary administration & classification), employee benefits and leaves of absence, employment services, risk management or equal employment opportunity.   Incumbents are expected to analyze programs, evaluate program effectiveness, and develop and implement solutions. Incumbents normally report directly to the Personnel Director, Deputy Director, or a division head. While certain positions in this class may entail supervision of professional and support staff, all incumbents are expected to carry out complex and specialized analytical and technical work within their program area with little or no technical supervision. The work of these positions emphasizes coordination with others, and meeting of program objectives on a timely basis.

This class differs from the class of Associate Personnel Analyst in that positions in the latter class perform journey level personnel work within one or more functional areas (e.g., employee relations, salary administration, classification, employee benefits and leaves of absence, recruitment and selection, equal employment opportunity, or risk management).  This class differs from the class of Principal Personnel Analyst in that positions in the latter class are responsible for managing programs, decentralized functions, and may act in the absence of the Risk Manager and Assistant Department Head.


Depending on assignment, duties may include but are not limited to the following:

·      Conducts and analyzes a variety of surveys and analytical studies regarding organizational, compensation, classification, benefit and related issues.

·      Assists in the development and revision of human resources programs, policies and procedures.

·      Works as a team member to provide varied human resources staff services directly to operating departments. 

·      May develop staff training plans and train staff in procedural and technical aspects of their jobs; acts as a technical resource to staff.

·      Represents the department and the County to a variety of County departments, employees, other governmental agencies and the public.

·      Prepares a variety of written selection materials, analytical reports, correspondence, policies, procedures and other written materials.

·      Maintains or directs the maintenance of accurate records and files.

·      Conducts on-going and specialized studies of complex problems, makes recommendations for resolution, and implements solutions as approved. Prepares reports, position papers, and recommendations for presentation to Board of Supervisors.

·      Provides administrative supervision to subordinates; provides technical supervision to subordinates within area(s) of expertise.

·      Uses computer to input, store, retrieve and analyze data, and to prepare correspondence and reports.

·      Keep abreast of legislation, regulations, and case law pertaining to area of responsibility, and serves as an internal consultant on such matters.

·      Participates in the analysis of new legislation and regulations for effect on County programs and operations and prepares recommendations.

·      May hear appeals on matters within specialty area.

·      Investigates and responds to complaints and appeals and prepares related documentation.

·      Provide advice and support to operating departments in performance, discipline and grievance matters, interpretation of memoranda of understanding, and interpretation and application of personnel rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

·      Plans, coordinates and conducts organizational and position classification studies to determine classification of positions and ensures that appropriate duties, responsibilities, qualifications and other requirements are specified; directs and performs the preparation of and personally prepares class specifications, obtaining appropriate reviews; and prepares approval documents.

·      Analyzes requests and assignments related to organizational structure, salary levels, classification, examination procedures and other human resources functions.

·      Plans, coordinates and conducts large and/or highly sensitive and political classification studies that may involve multiple job classes and/or cross departmental lines, recommends allocation of positions to appropriate classes.

·      Assists departments with organizational issues and resolves concerns regarding the appropriateness of classification and compensation levels.

·      Participates in negotiations and provides assistance to negotiators; conducts and prepares costing analysis; assists in presenting study results to bargaining unit representatives.

·      Conducts and prepares costing analysis reports in support of changes to the classification and salary plans.

·      Directs and/or performs the development, administration, analysis and evaluation of the County’s group insurance programs including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, long term disability, and flexible spending accounts and performs day to day activities.

·      Prepares and/or directs the preparation of recruitment and staffing plans, ensuring competent, diverse pool of candidates.

·      Directs and/or performs the development, administration, analysis and evaluation of written, oral and performance tests and other selection processes, including directing the organization and oversight of screening and evaluation of candidates' qualifications, and the selection and performance of interviewing and performance appraisal boards.

·      Analyzes duties and responsibilities in accordance with recognized practices to determine job content for purposes of examination development, position classification, compensation, and performance reviews; interviews incumbents and supervisors, and determines and/or recommends appropriate testing and allocation of positions.

·      Provides advice, assistance, and monitoring of departmental equal employment opportunity plans and reasonable accommodations for disabled employees.

·      Obtains and develops materials for equal employment opportunity/prevention of sexual harassment training programs, and presents in-house training programs.

·      Develops community networks and directs and participates in outreach programs to inform the public of employment opportunities and identify sources of applicants for County jobs. Develops and presents public information programs to promote an understanding of the issues of ethnic/minority cultures, women, handicapped and other protected classes.

·      Seeks to secure contract compliance with federal and states laws for contractors who contract with the County.


All assignments:


·      Thorough knowledge of the subject matter and practices within an area of specialization, such as employee relations, employee benefits and leaves of absence, employment services, salary administration, classification or risk management, or equal employment opportunity.

·      Working knowledge of Federal and State laws and regulatory agencies within an area of specialization.

·      Working knowledge of the principles and practices of administrative survey and analysis.

·      Working knowledge of the principles and practices of training.

·      Working knowledge of basic statistics.

·      Some knowledge of the functional responsibilities a personnel department.

·      Some knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.

·      Some knowledge of record management systems.

·      Some knowledge of budget preparation and administration.


·      Define problems, collect analyze and interpret data, and develop alternate solutions to complex problems.

·      Plan, coordinate and initiate actions necessary to implement recommendations, new regulations, new methods and new procedures.

·      Understand, interpret, explain and apply laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

·      Establish and maintain effective working relations with those contacted in course of work, including other agencies, staff, departments, contractors and members of the public.

·      Prepare and present a variety of oral and written material concisely, convincingly, clearly and logically.

·      Exercise initiative, ingenuity, independent analysis and judgment to solve complex problems.

·      Provide administrative, and if within area of specialization, technical supervision and training to subordinate staff.

·      Develop and implement record management systems. Input, store, access and analyze data using computers.

Training and Experience:

Any combination of training and experience which would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain these knowledge and abilities would be:

·      Equivalent to graduation from college with a degree in Personnel Administration, Management, Public Administration, Organizational Development, Psychology, Business Law or a closely related field, and three years of professional Personnel experience.


·      Possess and maintain a valid California Class C Driver's License or provide suitable transportation approved by the appointing authority.

Bargaining Unit: 08 Exec Mgmt
EEOC Job Category: 02
Occupational Grouping: 87
Worker's Comp Code: 0053